Functional Medicine Explained

Root Cause Resolution.

The basis of functional medicine is a science-based systems biology approach that is not only patient-centered but individualized to each patient. The patient and provider work together to address the root cause(s) and work towards optimal health. Each patient's road map to recovery can and will look a little different as one condition can have several different causes and one cause can lead to several different conditions depending on the genetically unique individual.


  • Disease Orientated
  • Doctor Centered
  • Symptom Management
  • Specialized Treatments
  • Pharmaceutical Based
  • Reactive Approach



  • Health Orientated
  • Patient Centered
  • Root Cause Resolution
  • Whole Body Treatment
  • Lifestyle & Nutrition Based
  • Preventive Approach

Genetics & Nutrition.

Through extensive research, scientists have discovered ways to influence how our genes function through epigenetics and nutrigenomics. Epigenetics is the study of how your behaviors and environment can change your gene expression by turning genes on or off. Furthermore, the foods you eat feed your genes. Not only does your diet affect your genes, but your genes can also affect the way your body responds to food. This is known as nutrigenomics and is encompassed within epigenetics.

You may have heard "your genes load the gun but your environment/lifestyle pulls the trigger." This simply means that chemical modifications to your DNA, based on environmental, lifestyle, and nutritional changes can change the degree to which genes are turned on and off. Therefore, your genes are not your destiny. Couple this with the approach that "food is medicine" and you will be paving your way toward an individualized treatment plan that will change your life for the better.

Your provider will provide insight and recommendations on tests that would be of the most value based on your current situation. Please understand that any or all tests that are recommended are not required. These tests are unique and will provide a lot of good insight into your genetic makeup, but can easily add up in cost. An alternative to testing would be an in-depth nutrition/elimination plan. These options will all be discussed in-depth with your provider at the time of your appointment.

Actively Participate.

Functional medicine is by no means a "quick fix." However, if you put in the time and dedication and actively participate in your personalized treatment plan you will set yourself up for great success. There is no guarantee of a 100% fix, but a functional medicine approach has an extremely high success rate with results that often resolve symptoms and chronic health conditions.

The body is very intelligent and if we give it what it is lacking or remove things that are affecting its ability to function optimally it creates the perfect environment for the body to heal.